Preliminary Program

The School will comprise a mixture of theory and practical experiments. All lectures are online. The experimental work will include both computer assignments and challenging lab work. A package containing all the course materials for the lab work (piezo materials, electronics, etc.) will be provided by us at the start of the course. Each day, the lecture will start at 11:00 AM EST and finish at 15:00 PM EST.

Day Date Topic   SC HL CD WQ KvD
Monday 11 Oct Thanksgiving
Tuesday 12 Oct Group Activity
general welcome x x x x x
  3 minutes pitch from each couple x x x x x
  General Introduction     x    
  Acoustic Field Equations          x
Wednesday 13 Oct Waves
Kirchhoff, Rayleigh I and II          x
  Introduction to transducers x        
  Building transducers – part 1 (matching layer) x        
Thursday 14 Oct  Waves
Tutorial on equipement          
  Hands on experiments – with support from Glasgow     x    
  Building transducers – part 2 (backing layer)     x    
Friday 15 Oct Materials  Piezo ceramics x        
  Piezo crystals x        
  Piezo composites x        
Saturday 16 Oct  Transducers  Simulating transducers      x x  
Sunday 17 Oct Group
Pub Quiz x x x x x
Monday 18 Oct Transducers  Transducer measurements / characterisation   x      
  support during testing   x x    
Tuesday 19 Oct  Arrays
Beam forming & system
Arrays   x      
  Beamforming   x      
  Work on Presentations with Professors available   x      
  Questions & Answers     x x  
Wednesday 20 Oct  Imaging & Inversion Waves in Heterogeneous media         x
  imaging         x
  FWI          x
Thursday 21 Oct Group Activity Final Presentations x x x x x
SC – Prof. Sandy Cochran, University of Glasgow
HL – Dr. Holly S Lay, FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc.
CD – Prof. Christine Demore, University of Toronto
WQ – Dr. Weibao Qiu, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
KvD – Dr. Koen W.A. van Dongen, Delft University of Technology

Note: the program may be subject to (minor) changes